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About Hodophile

Created by brothers Alistair and Ian Bancroft, from their passion for travel, food, and discovery, Hodophile strives to be an inspirational source for the travel-obsessed who want to better understand the world we live.

Hodophile's content is led by real life experiences, with stories focussing on each person's first hand perception of cultures, tastes, experiences, and destinations throughout the world.

The Team

  • Daniel Hamilton

    Travel writer

    Daniel Hamilton is Managing Director at FTI Consulting. He works and travels extensively across the Balkans and former Soviet Union.

  • Ian Bancroft


    Ian is a writer based in the Balkans. He is the author of 'Dragon's Teeth - Tales from North Kosovo'. Follow Ian on Twitter @bancroftian.

  • Alistair Bancroft

    Founder / Chief Editor

    Alistair is a technologist based in London. Follow Alistair on Twitter @0_7734.