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  • Beyond Cuba’s cliches

    By Ian Bancroft. July 25th, 2018

    Cuba Travel

    The commodification of various elements of Cuba’s revolution and culture has created a cliched idea of what the country is and was; an idea readily propagated by those keen to ‘sell’ Cuba to the tourists, and embraced by tourists eager for a plastic sense of revolution, reinforcing one another in a reproductive web of kitsch.

  • Radio Rebelde

    By Ian Bancroft. November 29th, 2017

    Cuba Travel

    Throughout the course of history, those resisting colonialism, authoritarianism and/or slavery have retreated into the foothills and foliage of the Sierra Maestra mountains in southeastern Cuba. It is from here that Fidel Castro's rebels revolutionary momentum became an unstoppable force.

  • The fleece of Viñales

    By Ian Bancroft. October 9th, 2017

    Cuba Travel

    Amidst the limestone mounds and caves of the Viñales Valley, we experience firsthand the life of cigar makers and the friendly scams they engage in to exploit our love for their world famous tobacco.